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18v Cordless Rivet Guns for the Professional

The recent development in Cordless technology has made battery powered riveters much more relevant! Historically break stem rivets have been installed using either a hand tool and plenty of elbow grease, or an air over hydraulic power tool. Hand tools offer simplicity and affordability where the air tools take most of the physical labor out of the job and allow the operator to install heavy duty structural rivets with ease. We now offer multiple different Battery powered Cordless Rivet guns for a wide range of different rivets and structural lockbolts. All in stock at Accufast Inc.

The Goebel GO-BR1 is our Entry level cordless tool. Rated up to 3/16" it is manufactured by our friends at Goebel and has a proven track record with a lot of great features.

Capacity: 3/32″ (2.4mm) – 3/16″ (4.8mm) Stroke: length: 0.79″ (18 mm)

Pulling Force: 2698 lbs (850kg)

Weight with Li-on battery pack: 3.8lbs (1.4 kg) Battery pack: 18 V/Li-ion / Charge time: approx. 60 minutes

Now Secondly, for 1/4" capacity Goebel has put their heads together to make a heavy duty 18 volt cordless riveter for industrial use! The capabilities of this tool are truly amazing. The GO-BR2 Cordless Riveter.

  • 18 Volt battery

  • brushless heavy duty electric motor

  • 3.52 lbs total weight with battery


  • faster than air riveters and has a 18mm stroke

  • durable construction for heavy use

  • can be used anywhere, no need for a compressor or cumbersome air lines.

Last but not least... The all new Goebel Go-LB1 for lockbolts!

The introduction of the Goebel GO-LB1 battery powered installation tool creates an unprecedented choice for technicians installing lockbolts and huckbolts. Until now, most tools available have been air over hydraulic.

The GO-LB1 is a powerful and lightweight battery powered tool, able to install 3/16 Huck bolts and lockbolts or up 1/4 Huck bolts and lockbolts.

The GO-LB1 weighs an industry leading 3.3 lbs. (with battery). In comparison the Huck 2025 air tool weighs almost 6 lbs, and must always be connected to compressed air.

In addition to its light weight and infinite portability the GO-LB1 has several advantages; it is extremely smooth, creating hardly any shock as it breaks the pins, has a handy light on the barrel and is small enough to access tight areas. On the other had the 2025 is a proven tool, with excellent durability and service life.

Would you rather use the old faithful, proven air tool or the next generation battery tool?


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