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About us.

The team at Accufast Inc has a long history of providing excellent solutions and responding quickly to your needs. We sell to clients Canada wide but we can ship across the continent if you need. We have been open in Alberta since 1992.


As a Industry leader we can look after your requirements, whether it is help specifying the correct fastener to improve your product or shipping from our extensive inventory to support your manufacturing needs. We only represent World Class brands that meet our rigorous quality and consistency standards.


We believe that product knowledge is key, our staff are trained to be experts to ensure that you are given the best advice for your application.

When you call Accufast, a human answers the phone and answers your questions. We get it. 

huck rivets alberta

Rivet Tool Repair and Maintenance.

We offer a Rivet Tool repair service with both great turnaround time and affordable rates. With a wide range of parts for the tools we stock we can ensure your tool gets repaired and back onto the shop floor in as little time as possible.


We can assist in providing over the phone service, and free of charge video conference walk through for repairs on your tools.


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