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Air Filtration


RP8 Air Filtration System
Accufast RP2
FRP8 Accufast
TM1000 Welding Fume Extractor
MICRO AIR RP1 Twister accufast
Micro Air FRP8-7
Micro-Air Tm1000
FRP12 Dust Collector Accufast

We offer Clean air solutions designed and built by Micro-Air in Wichita Kansas.


We have access to it all, from Ambient hanging units such as the MX1800, to portable floor units like the TM1000, exterior mounted stand up units such as the FRP-4 and downdraft tables. We stock the filters as well so you never run into a downtime due to filters clogging. Contact us to see how we can eradicate your smoke and dust problems.

Workstation Crane
Custom Roof mount
Custom Roof Mount with Hoist
Technomagnete Lifting magnets
Custom Bridge Crane
Technomagnete Lifting Magnets
Workstation Crane alum Bridge

Overhead Crane


We offer overhead lifting solutions designed and built by OBRIEN Lifting solutions in Burlington Ontario. We are pleased to announce that all of our cranes are now manufactured in CANADA.


We have access to it all, from four post bridge cranes, to complex ceiling mounted, fall arrest units, and basic jib cranes. We also stock a wide range of Italian lifting magnets from technomagnete. We can provide custom solutions to fulfil your unique requirements. 

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