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NEW stainless Accufast G-grip lockbolt system.

The all new G-Grip Full Stainless Lockbolt was jointly developed by Accufast Inc. and Goebel Fasteners Inc. to provide the world's only corrosion resistant, mirror finish, multi grip lockbolt. This unique design replaces 6 sizes of classic break off groove lockbolts, installs the standard tooling used for aluminum or steel lockbolts and provides the perfect fastener to increase the quality and longevity of your product or repair. It eliminates the need for a special nose tip for your Huck gun as it uses the SAME nose assembly as the aluminum and steel Magnagrip huckbolts.


The fully polished, T304 G-Grip Lockbolt provides the best corrosion resistance possible; extending service life, increasing structural integrity and providing a beautiful appearance for years to come.


The two lengths of G-Grip Lockbolts replace up to 14 sizes of classic break off groove lockbolts. This allows for reduced inventory and increased quality of manufactured parts, eliminating the risk of using a lockbolt with the incorrect grip range.


The G-Grip has been developed for maximum vibration resistance in the most demanding of environments. The fully swaged, full stainless collar locks onto the pin during installation, ensuring a secure, permanent joint.

We have stock in our Edmonton for quick shipping Canada wide!


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