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The simplest way to measure an abrasive belt. Period.

How To Measure an abrasive Belt - The Easiest & Most Accurate Way

Measuring an abrasive belt incorrectly can be expensive, especially if they are a custom made belt. There are several difficult / inaccurate ways that are commonly used to measure them.

1/ Press the belt down and measure from end to end, double measurement and you have your length. This works with small belts but is incredibly difficult with longer belts.

2/ Cut the belt so it becomes one long length, lay flat and measure the total length. This will work with the longer belts as well as smaller belts, however it does require having a belt you can cut in half.

3/ The String Method. Wrap a piece of string around the belt, cut where the two ends meet, lay the string flat and measure. This is also good with smaller belts.

The Easiest & Most Accurate Way

When measuring an abrasive belt I always recommend this 5 step fool-proof method:

1. Make a small mark on the inside of the belt with a pen or marker.

2. Make a corresponding mark on a large flat surface, bench top or floor. (we suggest you lay down a piece of cardboard first so as not to ruin your work space.)

3. Slowly roll the belt through a full rotation until the mark is once again touching the flat surface.

4. Make a mark where it touches.

5. Measuring between the 2 marks will give you the length of the belt.

The old saying of 'measure twice cut once' applies to measuring a belt, re-do the steps and check the marks line up before getting them made.

Belts are always sized Width x Length.

We carry a wide range of belts in standard sizes alternatively we can have them custom made to almost any size and with an extensive variety of materials available for any application.

Feel free to get in touch for a quote when you next need abrasive belts.

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