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Structural Rivets and Lockbolts
Industrial Grade Rivet and Lockbolt Tooling.
Metalworking Tools and Consumables
Air Filtration and Overhead Cranes.

We stock a wide range of structural rivets, lockbolts, and threaded inserts/nutserts from all main manufacters including Huck, Stanley Avdel/Pop, as well as Marson​.We  consistantly strive to provide products we are proud to stand behind.

You already have the rivets? Why not install them quickly and easily using one of our Rental tools or Purchase a new Pneumatic riveter, CORDLESS Riveter, OR Huck Gun to get your job done quickly, or ensure your production line remains seamless. We stock tooling from Huck, Stanley Avdel/Pop, and Marson​.

We stock a complete line of metalworking consumables including abrasives, stainless polishing equipment, annular cutters, reamers, drillbits, and all the tooling to go along with it. We also stock Angle Grinders, Belt Machines and Magnetic Drills. We carry the BEST brands. Pferd, Dynabrade, Tyrolit, Fein, and Mk Morse.

We can provide air filtration solutions for your plant as well as all overhead cranes. We stock american made Micro-Air filtration units ranging from 500 cfm upwards. And we can supply overhead cranes and fall arrest systems from both Obrien Cranes and Gorbel cranes to ensure your facility is compliant with government regulation.

Agriculture Manufacturing

We stock a full line of tooling and fasteners used to make grain handling and storage equipment. We supply companies making grain bins, air dryers, conveyer belts, and blowers.

Trailer Manufacturing and Truck Repair

If you build trailers we are the people to talk to. We supply the tooling and fasteners used to make grain trailers, transport trailers, chip trailers, and those doing heavy truck and trailer repair.

Metalworking and Oilfield Supply

Whether it is the Angle Grinders and Abrasives or the Belt machine and Magnetic drill we stock the BEST brands availible including Fein, SIA, Pferd, Tyrolit, Mk Morse, Karnasch, and GRIT.

Railcar Maintenance 

We stock a wide range of Huck C50L product and the tooling to install it for the fabrication and maintenance of rail cars. We stock basic plated steel and galvanized for aluminum cars.

Ask about our Rivet Gun & Huck Gun Rental Program.

We realize that sometimes it doesn't make sense to purchase a Quality tool when you only need it for a few small projects. That's why we offer a ​comprehensive rental program for our Rivet Tools including Pop PRG540 (3/16" and 1/4" blind fasteners), Huck 2025 for Heavy Truck Repair(up to 1/4"), Huck 256 for blind and 2 piece structural fastening (up to 3/8") and the Huck 940 Power rig with a 3585 gun for up to 1" Huck Lockbolts.


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That's right! We were open in Winnipeg for 20 years before relocating to our Edmonton location in 1992. 25 years of proven service!


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